Artificial Grass

Make Your Garden Beautiful with Artificial Grass


Artificial grass products are generally made from synthetic items that give natural look like the grass. Previously, it is used in the sporting fields. But now, people are using them in their house lawn and commercial applications also. There are different varieties of this artificial grass present on our website. You can choose any as per your preference. Here is some of the most popular artificial turf whose demands are very high among the people. Just hire a professional from our company and install it in your lawn to see the beauty all by yourself

Artificial GRASS SENSE

Artificial grass sense is generally beautiful, soft and provides lifelike quality. Most of the grass that is made in this synthetic turf forms a curly structure. It is very difficult to distinguish the original from the artificial in this type of grass.


It is generally found in 3 shades of green. The size of these grasses is 36 mm in length. They are found in a very simple structure which generally forms the V-shape, fitted with rootzone and MiNT. They are very soft and shiny with a good density.

Artificial GRASS SILK25

It is one of the economic artificial grasses with the same look as royal grass turf. They are mainly 25 mm tall in length. They are fitted on the synthetic turf with a supporting thatch. They form a V-shape structure on the top of the grass.

Artificial GRASS SILK35

This grass is considered as best for children. They are so soft and long in length (35 mm) that there is no risk of injury while playing on it. They are also fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.


It is considered as one of the best quality artificial grass ever made. It can be reused to made new artificial grass lawn several times that is why it is called ecosense. They are 40 mm high in length and fitted with mossy wire.