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Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is one of the important aspects of our business that we are very much conscious about.

Here at Surrey Grass, we have formed and designed our Privacy Policy to protect and make best use of all the customer details that are voluntarily provided to us. Before you provide any specific data about yourself on our website, you are requested to go through the policy quite carefully.

In order to make our service more customer-friendly and customized, we need a few details from you and you provide through filling up the form. The privacy policy will explain how those details are used, maintained and protected for the sole purpose of improving our service.

We need these details from the customers

We do not use cookies and that for we collect a few details that help us to understand the specific requirements of the customers. The details are provided willingly by the customers and those are only used for the development of the service. Below are the details that we need:

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

These also help us to inform the customers about the service and the status. But, under no condition, these details are used for any promotional purpose.

How the details are used, maintained and protected

We are very much sincere about the details that we collect. The details may also contain banking details so, we need to follow extreme precautions to protect the details.Only selected officials have access to these details and under any situation, those are not shared with any third party or others promotional sources. We discuss the details with third party sources only if it is about delivery of the products. The details are stored in our secured database and that is scanned with antivirus to prevent malware attacks.


The company Terms also relates a lot with the company Privacy Policy. You are warmly greeted at Surrey Grasses and before you start browsing the website, you must go through the company Terms carefully. You have to obey the terms accurately in order to enjoy browsing our website.

  • All the contents used in this website are indicative and the intention is to offer you some clear idea about our service. We will not be liable for any inaccuracy in the content if found so. In many of the pages, the contents are submitted voluntarily and the company doesn’t claim 100% accuracy of it.
  • It is humbly requested to all the visitors to compare the details with others sources as well. We are not liable if any mistakes found in the information.
  • There might be a number of external links on our website. The purpose of using those links is to offer a better idea of the service. However, in any way, we do not promote those websites.
  • So many things are copyright protected on our website. Copying any content or any image of the company or logo is legally not approved and if anyone is caught doing the same, he/she will be responsible for legal actions.
  • We do not promote duplication of website materials like contents, design, graphics, layouts etc. If anyone is found to do so, strong legal actions may be taken against that person.

The company is solely authorized to bring out changes to the company Terms and Conditions over the course of time with the sole purpose of making the desired changes. Instances like this may take place without even prior information to the visitors.